GLI AMABILI RESTI • short film • primo episodio


variazioni di famiglia con tavolo



 PRODUCED BY: Körper / DIRECTORS AND SCREENWRITES: Sara Lupoli & Loris de Luna / PERFROMERS: Giovanfrancesco Giannini, Marianna Moccia, Valeria Nappi, Antonio Nicastro, Francesco Russo / SOUND DESIGN: Francesco Giangrande aka Goreme / CAMERA OPERATOR: Davide Esposito / EDITOR: Paolo Ielpo – trimlab 31




 GLI AMABILI RESTI – variazioni di famiglia con tavolo –  is a story about a family, its imbalances, its meetings, its parties and its abandonments, its deep rites and the unexpected that betray them.

The action goes through the bodies of five performers, a table, five chairs, and the necessary to set up for a meal that will never be consumed, due to some obstacles that will change the nature of the interactions and the meanings of the objects.

An endless movement, a physical and intimate journey in a transforming location where music, dance, literature, theatre and mythology meet to create a rhythmic tension that progressively change the relations between the bodies and the relation with the space.

A place created, destructed and reinvented, a space made to reflect on the limits and the freedom of the individual in relation with all the groups we go through in life, leaving traces of our passage… our Lovely Rests.


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